Trailer Hang

I pounded on the door of Larry’s trailer in First Camp a few years ago, in order to gift him a few bumper-stickers I’d created for that year’s theme: Rights of Passage. The stickers depicted the Man simulating a manhood ritual in Vanuatu wherein youths jump from a high platform with thick vines tied around their ankles, just long enough to almost reach them to the ground. Larry “got it” right off. “Hey, George, c’mon in, it’s great to see a familiar face. I’ve spent all morning being interviewed by Media, and I’ve got another one at 1pm. But meanwhile, hang out with me while I eat this salad.” I can’t even remember what we talked about, but my recollection is that it was very casual & down-to-earth, just a couple of old friends catching up. The thing a lot of newish Burners may not realize is that, for all his God-like reputation within the Community, Larry was just a regular fella. I miss him, and cherish having known him ever since my first Burn in 1991.

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