Our Last Encounter with Larry Harvey

Last year, Don and I had the pleasure of seeing Larry in Center Camp standing in line to buy coffee, just like any other participant. He stood right behind Don, waiting his turn, talking to a man he was taking on a tour. Don and he conversed for a bit while I waited nearby with a couple of newbies. I explained to the newbies what was going on, they had never seen Larry Harvey in person and didn’t know he was one of the founders of the event. They were astonished that he was standing in line when he could cut right to the front, or even just go in behind the counter and get whatever he wanted. After Larry and his friend got their coffee, they sat down in Center Camp not far away from us and just hung out. One of the newbies said she wanted to tell him how grateful she was that this event exists, but she was too scared to just go up to him and say so. I encouraged her to do it. She got up her nerve and walked over to the pair. They talked for a short time and she went on her way. That pretty much encapsulates my entire Burning Man experience from 1997 to today. I’m grateful that Burning Man exists even though it was a giant leap of faith to attend for the first time. I hope Burning Man exists forever and more people get to experience it. All thanks to Larry Harvey.  – Russian Wulfgar, WI RC

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