My heart is broken….

Dear Larry – thank you for your kindness, your wit, your interesting stutter, your sense of humor and your awkward charm. I can’t believe you’re not going to walk out of the fourth floor elevator at HQ and stroll by my desk, as usual….. where can you be???? I still feel you all around me. I love you.

One thought on “My heart is broken….

  • Tha’ts LaDyBee, not LayBee! And Larry – thanks for believing in me back in 1999, when you asked if I”d come to work for Burning Man and start and manage the art grant program. My background was sculpture/studio arts, not curation; but you saw those skills in me before I did. I”m so grateful that you took a chance on me, and truly changed my career path. I still miss you terribly.

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